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How to install Wooey on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Wooey is a web interface used for executing python scripts. It is relatively simple to install on the Windows Subsystem for Linux once you meet a few pre-requisites.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install python3
sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo apt install python-is-python3
sudo pip3 install virtualenv

Once you have these installed you can move onto creating the virtual enviroment.

mkdir wooey
cd wooey
python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate

You should now be within the virtual environment, which can be seen by the (env) at the beginning of the current line.

pip install wooey
wooify -p ProjectName
python createsuperuser

The server is installed, and you have created the administrator account. The next steps are to start the server. This needs to be done in a specific way to allow for the scripts to execute correctly.

pip install honcho
touch Procfile

The file Procfile should be located in the same directory as You need to edit the Profile with a text editor to contain the following information

web:  python runserver
worker: celery -A project_name worker -c 1 --beat -l info

Note: Ensure the project name is the same as you configured above

The final step is to start the application.

honcho start

The server should now be running, and is accessible on by default. Use the credentials you defined at the “createsuperuser” stage.

Now you are ready to continue the journey!

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