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Representational state transfer (REST) – Application Program Interface (API)

REST is a set of conventions used to request information over HTTP.

REST requests information from services through stateless communication. When designing a RESTful system, there are 6 constraints used. They restrict the way a server will respond and react to a client’s request.

Client-server architecture

The client application must have the ability to evolve independently from the server application.

Uniform Interface

This simplifies the architecture, allowing each part to grow independently.


The server will not store any session information or history, each request will be considered new and independent


Where applicable, caching should be implemented and each applicable resource should declare the capability

Layered System

The client should not be able to tell, or cannot tell, whether it is connected to the end server or an intermediate.

Code on Demand (optional)

The server has the ability to return executable code to support the application.


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