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Guessing MCS on Windows

What is MCS

The Modulation and Coding Scheme is a value that determines spatial streams, modulation, and coding methods.  These are parameters are used to determine the datarate which is displayed to the user.

The datarate is dependant on many variables, many of which are not visible within the Windows operating system.  This includes the MCS value.

Analysing the MCS Table

The values highlighted in yellow on the left table below repeat within the same channel width.  Those in red repeat across channel widths, sometimes with 3 repeats.

These values are too hard to predict because we cannot get channel width or guard interval used.

Guessing MCS on Windows OS

Once we have the values arranged, we can compile them into a powershell object for reference later.

It´s definitely messy, but here´s the result (with a workable datarate and spatial stream):

And downloadable here


MCS Table

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