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IoT impact on 802.11 networks

Are we just flogging a dead horse?

Recently we installed a sensor based product which enabled us to do spectrum analysis at one of our R&D sites specialising in IoT in the data center.  The main protocol used, Zigbee.

As an enterprise we have moved away from 2.4GHz for our main network, guest however remains, and a recent push has forced us to put an SLA on this network.  We cannot dictate the device a guest brings, and there are a surprising number of 2.4GHz only devices still entering our network.

The Spectrum on a Saturday (Waterfall)

The spectrum on a Saturday (Line Graph)

802.11 & Zigbee Coexistence

Zigbee is business critical for us, it´s a key technology in one of our major product lines.  Not only do we have to protect our network, but we have to protect Zigbee from our and our neighbouring 2.4GHz networks.

The most protected Zigbee channels are 15, 20, 25, and 26.  The mandate to our development and engineering teams is to ensure our Zigbee devices utilise these channels where possible.

The below video is an extract of the presentation used to demonstrate the reasoning behind this decision.

So are we flogging a dead horse?

Yes, but no.  2.4GHz is dead in certain situations, but we have to do our best to make it work.  (img below is from the same site).  802.11ax will see a revival of 2.4GHz


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