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WiFi, the overnight change from best effort to mission critical

Organisational restructures in enterprise happen all the time, some for the better, others for the worse.  I work for a large international company, 140,000+ employees spread across 100 countries.

My role is to manage wireless technology implementations in our office, warehouse, and manufacturing sites.  It´s a new role, I relocated from Australia to Spain early 2018 and have spent my days standardising the way we implement and troubleshoot wireless deployments.

We´re talking about a late move in the VoWiFi game, “Smart Factory” (think WiFi enabled drones, autonomous robots), and high efficiency distribution centers.  WiFi is at the top of everyones agenda at the moment, it´s great!  Also, it´s terrible.  It can´t have been an overnight change from best effort WiFi to mission critical, there´s definitely some oversight here.

This shift in reliance on WiFi means I have the opportunity to revise on topics long forgotten, and to continue learning topics I´ve missed along the way.

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